Recipe - Sugar Free Chocolate Mousse

Sugar Free Chocolate Mousse
Total Time:15 min
Prep. Time:10 min
Cook Time:5 min
6 oz. unsweetened baking chocolate, chopped
1 ½ cup heavy whipping cream
½ cup 2% plain Greek yogurt
2 cup raw agave nectar
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1 tsp. instant coffee
1 packet unflavored gelatin
¼ cup hot water
6oz. fresh blackberries

In a small bowl combine instant coffee, gelatin packet and hot water, stir to combine, set aside for about 5 minutes until coffee and gelatin have dissolved.

Over a double boiler set up combine chocolate and ¼ cup of heavy whipping cream until chocolate is completely melted.

While chocolate is melting in a separate mixing bowl using a hand mixer whip remaining heavy whipping cream until creamy peaks form.  Add yogurt, agave, and vanilla and dissolved coffee gelatin mix and continue to whip until combined with cream about 15 seconds. Add cooled melted chocolate in thirds continuing to whip until consistent chocolate creamy mixture is achieved. Cover with plastic wrap and place in refrigerator for 1 hour or until firm and chilled.

Divide mixture among dessert bowls or martini glasses using small ice cream scoop and garnish each glass with a few blackberries and or your favorite berry or nuts and enjoy!